Word 2003 Normal View – Not in 2007 and 2010


An issue that comes up often with folks who make the transition from Word 2003 to a newer edition is the display of the page.  It is irksome to those who use screen magnification technology because the newer “Normal View” is actually Print Layout View.  In the 2003 and earlier editions of Microsoft Word, the Draft View was the Normal view, which stretched the display of the page across the entire application window.  Print Layout displays the page as it will appear when printed, so the display isn’t stretched across the entire window and a large border, representing the workspace area behind the page, appears around the edges of the page.  This is especially evident on wide screen displays.

For those who long for the “Normal” view that was the standard with Office from the beginning up until 2007, it’s easy enough to switch views.

The first few controls on the View Tab in Word 2007 and 2010 allow for adjusting the displayed view.  For keyboard navigators, Alt, W, E will switch to the Draft View, the old Normal View.  Alt, W, P will switch back to the Print Layout View, the new Normal View in Word 2007 and 2010.

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