Unhide Columns Quirk in Excel 2007


I’ve found a quirk (actually, I’m not the first) in Excel 2007.

In Excel 2003, you could use the key combination Control + 9 to hide rows and Control + Shift + 9 to unhide rows. You could also use Control + 0 to hide columns and Control + Shift + 0 to unhide columns.

These same commands work in Excel 2007 except for Control + Shift + 0. For some reason, while it appears on the Microsoft web site, they left out this shortcut even though it doesn’t conflict with another process, nor is it used for any other command. You have to go into the Ribbon and unhide columns. Alt, H, O, U, L. Easy to remember, right? We’re going to have to start inventing cheers to keep them straight. Alt, H, O, U, L, unhidden columns are really swell!

The keyboard command is conspicuously absent from the Microsoft Press book, “Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Inside and Out”, which leads me to believe it was an unintentional omission by Microsoft, and they’re hoping nobody notices or cares.

How much does Excel 2007 cost?

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